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How much can you expect to earn per month

with the ECU Remapping service?

R40 000 per month is a realistic amount

(We do not guarantee that you will earn this but it is possible)

Why ad the ECU Remapping service to your existing business?

  1. ECU Remapping is consistently becoming more popular because it increases the power while making the vehicles more fuel efficient. When remapping a vehicle you program the Engine control unit to make the engine run more efficient. This will cause the vehicle to have 10-25% more power and  use 10% less fuel when driven in an economic manner.

     2. Modern vehicles has DPF (diesel particular filter) and CAT system to clean the exhaust gas coming from the engine. When these systems gets dirty or blocked it can cost the customer anything from R25 000 to R40 000 to replace this system. With ECU Remapping software we can deactivate the system and simply remove the DPF or CAT and the problem is solved for life and it costs 80% less.

Adding the ECU Remapping software service to businesses like: Tyre shops , Exhaust shops , Mechanic workshops and many others is ideal because you already have the right people coming to your shop. All you need to do is to suggest the Remap solution and you can make more money per customer while really offering them something helpful.


Read the ECU via OBD port

In this step you will use the ECU Remap tools bought from us to read the ECU of the vehicle to identify what vehicle we are working on.

Upload the Information

In this step you will upload the information read by the ECU tool through our files management dashboard . This is very easy and straight forward.

Write the vehicle with modified file.

In this step you will write the modified ECU file supplied by us  with the ECU tool. We develop our ECU files on a dyno machine and test them to be sure they perform well while being reliable.


With this tool you can make adjustments to the ECU of almost any vehicle on the market. SImple and inteligenty.

New genius remapping tool is a product of Dimsport that has been in the Remapping business for years.

We choose to work with New genius because the tool is of highest quality and reliability.

For some vehicles New trasdata will be needed for programming. Please ask us about this.

What solutions can you offer your customers with ECU Remapping?


With a remap you can ad 10 - 20% more power and 10% better fuel consumption to the current performance of the customers vehicle within 1-2 hours. {We provice the performance file}

You can charge from R2600 - R5500 for a Performance remap


All these systems are for reducing pollution purposes only  and can be deleted from the vehicle ECU if it gives fault codes. It will save your customer a lot of money and it is a permanent solution.

You can charge up to R2500 for these solutions


Pops and bangs are a new effect added to a vehicle, with pops and bangs the car will backfire and shoot flames out the exhaust when the car is decelerating.

You can charge from R1500 to R2500 for this soluion

How will you get customers for this service?

We offer free Marketing assistance

We have a proven marketing strategy to keep the customers coming. Over time we got our marketing messaging to be spot on.

An popular service together with a very effective marketing strategy is the perfect combination. When you become a dealer of AVB TUNING we will take care of the marketing on your behalf as a bonus service. In the past few months we got over 1000 quote requests for our ECU remapping services.

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